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Hi guys! My name is Candy and I am a cute eighteen year old who loves sex and have... fallen pregnant.
I want to share my bump with you as it grows and my boobs get all swollen and milky near
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"...She rolled one of her big nipples between her finger, fascinated at how big and dark they have gotten already...."

....Darlene has always thought that pregnant women were sexy, and now she knew. She has indisputable proof that they are sexy, and get sexier as they grow. Or maybe that is they are horny, and hornier as they grow? Pregnant Sex Whores & Babes.  Oh well, she knows that both are true, for her at least. Her husband could attest to that as well. He always knew she had a large sexual appetite, but now, he was almost having a hard time keeping up.
She rolled one of her big nipples between her finger, fascinated at how big and dark they have gotten already, just trying to imagine what it would be like to have milk coming out of it. Taking it between her lips, gently sucking on it, Pregnant Sex Whores & Babes. feeling the warm fluid flowing out, onto her tongue, squeeze it with her fingers, making milk spray forth from the swollen breast.....

.....Darlene's belly was so big now, she had only 5 weeks to go to her delivery date. So many details to take care of, she figured she would give her old buddy Todd a call. Pregnant Sex Whores & Babes. Todd and her knew each other a couple years back when they lived in the same apartment complex. It started out as just the casual hello, how are ya doin, nothing more. When Darlene called him a few months before, and told him she was pregnant. that is when things started to change. Little did she know, but he had a HUGE fetish about pregnant women and lactating breasts. Pregnant Sex Whores & Babes.  He began asking more and more questions, each getting more personal than the last.....


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  ....He moved over to the other nipple and started sucking, and sucking. After only a few seconds, his efforts were rewarded by a small blast of warm milk on his tongue. Pregnant Sex Whores & Babes. Darlene moaned out loud as the milk started to flow. She moaned because it always felt good to release the milk when it was so full.....


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......Darlene lay down on the couch, and Todd stood above her beside the couch, lowering his cock to her mouth. Pregnant Sex Whores & Babes.  She sucked with such great skill that in no time at all, Todd told her that he was gonna cum very soon. Hearing that only made her suck that much harder, and at the same time she grabbed her tits by the nipples, and proceeded to squirt her milk all over his balls as he stood over her. Pregnant Sex Whores & Babes.  The milk was dripping down her chin, and some of it was getting in her mouth.......

......She knew he was close and she wanted to feel his dick inside her hot pussy.  She rolled to her tummy and got on her hands and knees.  Pregnant Sex Whores & Babes.  He climbed up behind her and grabbed her full hips and felt the sides of her bulging tummy.  He slid his hard dick into her dripping cunt.  He managed to ram rod her only a dozen or so stokes and that is all it took for him.  Pregnant Sex Whores & Babes.  He pulled his cock out and moved around to her face and he pushed the full length of his cock into her mouth and started pumping shot after shot of cum down her throat. She moaned very loud as the shot hit her throat, and started swallowing very fast, loving the taste of his cum.   It was different from other cum she has tasted, as his cum made her mouth tingle a little, turning her on so much that combined with her milking her own tits, she had an orgasm of her own...... 

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